Study design

Male mice, were fed control (chow) or corn oil-based high-fat diet (HFD) for 2 months (chow-2m, HFD-2m) and 10 months (HDF-10m).
Urine, plasma, feces, and 18 different tissues were collected from each animal for metabolomics and lipidomics analysis. These matrices cover digestive, excretory, respiratory, reproductive, endocrine, muscular, cardiovascular and nervous systems. In addition, chow and HFD feed was analyzed along with quality control human plasma/serum materials (NIST SRM 1950 plasma, Merck S1-100ML serum, Sigma 7023 serum). In total, 408 samples were included in this study.
Male C57BL/6N mice, ages 6–7 weeks, were housed in a temperature and humidity controlled room on a 12 h light:dark cycle and provided free access to food and water.